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Our underground monster-killing heroes from the original Tremors have split up. Soured that everyone else profited from Graboids-mania, <a href=">Fred Ward &quot;re-enlists&quot; to battle a new breed of Mexican Graboids.
When an army of Graboids - giant, carnivorous underground worms - threaten the Petromaya oil refinery in Mexico, its owners call on Earl Bassett, who once helped kill four of the creatures in Perfection, Nevada. Having squandered the money that came from his resulting celebrity status, Earl is convinced by the $50,000-a-head bounty offered, as well as the enthusiasm of admirer Grady Hoover, who becomes his partner. At Petromaya, Earl and Grady meet geologist Kate Reilly, and begin Graboid hunting, tricking several Graboids into swallowing bomb-rigged, remote-controlled cars. When they find they&#39;re facing a lot more Graboids than they ever expected, Earl calls his friend Burt Gummer, a survivalist who arrives well-stocked with weapons.
This movie was good but the first movie is so much better then this movie and its a shame that Kevin Bacon did not come back to star in this film.Fred Ward and Michael Gross from the first movie came back to star in this movie witch was good and they both did a good job at acting and this movie stars other actors and actress like Christopher Gartin,Helen Shaver and Marcelo Tubert.The special effects in this movie where good but i have seen way better and way worse and i liked the new monster in this movie.Over all this movie is good with some flaws like not staring the great Kevin Bacon and my rating is 6 out of 10.
Tremors II: Aftershocks sees Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) who had a brief period of stardom after saving a town from mutant giant worms relegated to trying to breed Ostriches which isn&#39;t going to well, then out of the blue oil company manager Señor Ortega (Marcelo Tubert) ask&#39;s for his help in killing the giant killer worms nicknamed Graboids which are eating the workers on a Mexican oil field. With the prospect of making $50,000 for each Graboid killed Earl agrees &amp; teams up with Grady Hoover (Christopher Gartin), Earl plans to kill the Graboids with dynamite &amp; at first it all seems so easy but something unexpected happens &amp; the Graboids transform from huge 30 foot mutant worms to small two legged Shriekers that are able to walk on land but still have a large appetite for flesh. With Earl, Grady, geologist Kate (Helen Shaver) &amp; Earl&#39;s pal Bert Gummer (Michael Gross) trapped by the Shriekers they face a whole new set of problems escaping with heir lives…<br/><br/>Co-written &amp; directed by S.S. Wilson this was the first sequel to the rather excellent &amp; likable 90&#39;s monster flick Tremors (1990), while not as good as the original Tremors this really isn&#39;t too bad &amp; it worth a watch if you have any sort of fondness for the original or a liking for monster flicks in general. To be honest Tremors II: Aftershocks feels more like a slightly polished Sci-Fi Channel &#39;Creature Feature&#39; original than the sequel to one of the best monster films of the 90&#39;s, the first half of Tremors II: Aftershocks is alright but the Graboids are merely there to be killed as they don&#39;t set any traps or pose much of a threat to Earl while the second half sees the introduction of a new monster the Shrieker which looks like a small two legged Graboid which I suppose you could liken to a mutant Chicken if you can imagine such a thing (is it just me or did anyone else find their high shrieking really irritating?), the other notable thing to mention about the second half is that it plays almost exactly like the original Tremors with a few people stranded in an isolated location menaced by some monsters who this time sense by heat rather than sound but that&#39;s just a minor point as the it still fells the same. The major thing that tremors II: Aftershocks misses is the presence of Kevin Bacon (who apparently was interested in returning but was busy filming Apollo 13 (1995)) &amp; the interplay between him &amp; Frec Ward which was just great, here Fred gets a young kid who was obviously written to fill the gap left by bacon&#39;s absence but feels too forced &amp; feels like he is there for comic relief &amp; nothing else &amp; to me it&#39;s no surprise Grady does not return for any subsequent sequels. Tremors II: Aftershocks also pushes the humour side of things more than the original, sure there are one or two amusing one liners &amp; a couple of funny moments but overall it feels like it&#39;s trying too hard at times (as in &#39;hey look at this, this is meant to be funny&#39; but isn&#39;t).<br/><br/>While the original tremors used puppet &amp; on set make-up effects to create the Graboids here a mixture of both physical &amp; CGI computer effects are used, the CGI is kept to a minimum &amp; looks alright but little is done with it while some of the puppet effects do look a bit stiff &amp; robotic like at times. With a PG rating to secure there&#39;s almost no gore here, a few of the Graboids are blown up &amp; two severed arms are seen but otherwise this is tame stuff unlike the original which was still PG rated but actually had some decent if mild gore.The character&#39;s are stock really with the usual blossoming romance that takes shape thought the film, the film never takes itself too seriously but it can get a bit tiresome.<br/><br/>With a supposed budget of about $4,000,000 this is well made with OK effects &amp; production values but that spark from the original is definitely missing here. Set in Mexico but filmed in Valencia in California. The acting is OK, Ward is likable, Gross is over the top although Gartin as the comic side-kick is annoying. With only eight people in the entire film (with one not even making it past the opening pre-credits sequence) Tremors II: Aftershocks has to have one of the smallest cast&#39;s ever for a full feature film.<br/><br/>Tremors II: Aftershocks is a decent enough sequel to a genuine classic, while not quite worthy of classic status it&#39;s watchable enough &amp; better than most of the creature feature stuff served up by the likes of the Sci-Fi Channel. Followed by Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001), Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) &amp; the currently in production Tremors V: The Thunder from Down Under (2010) along with a short lived TV series which ran for thirteen episodes.

While everyone else made money on the battle of Earl Bassett (<a href="/name/nm0911542/">Fred Ward</a>) and Valentine &quot;Val&quot; McKee (<a href="/name/nm0000102/">Kevin Bacon</a>) against four giant, carnivorous, underground graboids—that is, everyone except Earl Bassett. Earl decides to accept an offer to come to Mexico and help the Petromaya oil refinery eradicate a bunch of graboids that are killing their workers. The fact that Petromaya is willing to pay $50,000 for each graboid killed, with a $100,000 bonus if he can capture one alive, is a huge motivator. Earl teams up with enthusiastic admirer Grady Hoover (<a href="/name/nm0308651/">Chris Gartin</a>), and the two of them set out to blow up graboids by tricking them into swallowing dynamite-rigged, remote-controlled toy cars. Their ploy works, until the graboids metamorph into above-ground &quot;shriekers&quot;, and survivalist Burt Gummer (<a href="/name/nm0343447/">Michael Gross</a>) shows up with a truckload of high explosives. Tremors 2: Aftershock is a sequel to <a href="/title/tt0100814/">Tremors (1990)</a> (1990), which was based on a screenplay developed by American screenwriters S.S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, and Ron Underwood, who also wrote the screenplay for Tremors 2, which was followed by <a href="/title/tt0259685/">Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001)</a> (2001), a prequel <a href="/title/tt0334541/">Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)</a> (2004), <a href="/title/tt4180514/">Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)</a> (2015) and a short-lived TV series &#39;<a href="/title/tt0327375/">Tremors (2003)</a>&#39; (2003). The only characters to return are Earl Bassett and Burt Gummer. Valentine and Heather are shown in photographs. Val, Heather, and Walter are mentioned in dialogue. Early in the movie, Earl tells Grady and Señor Ortega (<a href="/name/nm0875641/">Marcelo Tubert</a>) that Val married a &quot;good woman&quot; (presumably Rhonda LeBeck (<a href="/name/nm0141617/">Finn Carter</a>), the seismology student from the first movie, and refused to go on another hunt for graboids. Burt first tells Earl that Heather (<a href="/name/nm0005207/">Reba McEntire</a>) is visiting with her sister, but later admits that she is not coming back. He can tell because she asked him to send her the HK91. Realizing that the graboids trapped inside the storage garage are feasting on the golosinas dulce (sweet snack food) stored there and that they will soon be popping out little graboids, Earl comes up with a plan. He sprays himself with the cold foam from a CO2 fire extinguisher then enters the garage to get the bombs out of Burt&#39;s truck. The graboids, being attracted only by heat, don&#39;t notice him until Earl starts to melt. He grabs a bomb and climbs higher in the garage while Grady lowers him a fire hose to climb out. &quot;Run!&quot; Earl shouts as he climbs out. &quot;I set a bomb!&quot; Earl, Grady, Burt, and Kate (<a href="/name/nm0001726/">Helen Shaver</a>) run for cover, diving into a trench just as the bomb goes off, flattening the refinery and killing all the shriekers.. As they walk away, Earl agrees to stay with Kate a bit longer in Mexico, and Grady adds up the money they made: $50,000 × 28 worms, enough to start up Grady and Earl&#39;s Monster World theme park. Earl declines, but Grady reminds him that this could be his big, third chance. He was intended to be in the second film, but Kevin Bacon declined; thus began a tradition of a different character filling his role in every installment. According to director S.S. Wilson, he called Kevin Bacon and asked him for the role. Kevin Bacon replied saying &quot;Actually, I think I will do it!&quot;, but he never followed up. This is most likely because Bacon was filming Apollo 13 at the same time this film was in production.
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