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Krishna is forced by circumstances to use his superpowers and become a masked superhero, Krrish, before getting drawn towards his lost legacy.
Singapore-based Dr. Siddhant Arya recruits a superhumanly powerful Indian-born man named Rohit Mehra, who was given special powers by a blue-skinned alien named Jadoo, to build a computer that can forecast the future, which results in an accident that kills Rohit. When this news reaches Rohit's mother, Sonia, in India, she passes this on to Rohit's wife, Nisha, who has just given birth to a son named Krishna. However, Nisha, unable to handle this devastating news, passes away, leaving Krishna to be brought up by Sonia. When Krishna is enrolled in school, she notices that he has the same intellectual and physical powers that his father possessed, so in order to shield him from any harm, she moves to a secluded and remote area in a mountainous region of the country, where he grows up. Years later, Krishna has matured, has acquired the same special powers that his father had, and is also able to communicate with animals. He meets with a camper named Priya and is attracted to her. When she returns home to Singapore, she phones him to visit her so that she can introduce him to her mother so that they can get married. A thrilled Krishna travels to Singapore, despite Sonia's pleas; meets with Priya; and is all set to meet her mother, get married, and return home. What Krishna does not know is that Priya has lured him there so that she can exploit his superhuman powers on her TV network, Star Plus–and not only maintain her job but also get a promotion. It looks like the naïve and overly trusting Krishna may now be propelled straight into the hands of Dr. Arya, who is still alive and on the verge of creating a supercomputer that can forecast the future–and is quite capable of doing anything in his power to achieve this nefarious goal and project himself as the one and only God of the universe.
Krrish sets new standards for stunts and special effects in Bollywood. And probably also for dedication of a Bollywood actor to acquire the necessary body control to do very difficult stunts himself. But that's about it. The story is an assortment of old Bollywood clichés and masala galore. Lots of borrowing motives/ideas from Hollywood films, damsels on the verge of a nervous breakdown (I wonder if Almodovar would love it), an infantile sound effect for the comic sidekick and exaggerated emotional outbreaks. Rakesh Roshan knows how to tickle and milk the Indian masses and laugh all the way to the bank. I don't know if he knows how to make a better film, though. His own "Koi Mil Gaya" was more satisfying despite less money and worse special effects. Let's not be too harsh, though. Some scenes are very well done. And even more work some way or another. The circus sequence is technically solid and with a good score underneath. When the lead couple falls from the tree there is a moment of poetry only Bollywood can achieve. The Matrix-Style Neo (I mean Krrish) versus the Smiths (I mean Singapore hoodlums) has Matrix quality shots. No doubt, Hrithik would have been a great Neo. He masters the technical difficulties with apparent ease and even as an actor he is allowed to go a bit beyond the standard routines: His old and sick Rohit is a glimpse of how much more he's capable of if only he got a more sophisticated script and team to work with. A director whose vision does not stop at doing something new within the rigid conventions of formulaic Bollywood potboilers but breaks free of these conventions altogether and does something really new. If Rakesh Roshan were this director he would probably not laugh on the way to the bank afterwards, or maybe even more so. The risks are high. No longer appealing to the Indian mass market and not yet to the lucrative international/Western market is a real threat. No Bollywood film has yet mastered the art of pleasing these two masters at the same time with a box office result that measured up on both markets and would allow spending 10 Mio. $. And Krrish will be no exception. It does not even try. The effects are somewhat uneven. Some are great, and some are second rate with obvious artifacts/fakery. The fly/jump thing gets somewhat repetitive. Photography is mostly OK. Some shots are out of focus. The cast is strictly OK as well with the exception of Hrithik who carries the whole film on his shoulders and makes even the most far-fetched and corny moments believable or at least tolerable, and N. Shah with an above average villain act. Not really classy (that requires a better script) but also not as hackneyed as your typical Bolly-Baddie. Rekha isn't bad as well but how often can you cry your heart out till it's once too often? The 4 dance choreographies are on the mediocre side with the circus number coming out on top. The melodies are nice though. Overall let's say if your idea of superior Bollywood cinema are films like "Dil Chahta Hai", "Pyaasa", "Lagaan", "Lakshya" or "Rang de Basanti" you will likely be underwhelmed. On the other hand Krrish is quite successful at indianising the superhero concept and marrying it to the typical Indian values/ingredients for an entertaining potpourri of 3 hours, offering something for everyone from kids and teenagers to grannies. With the film on the way to become the biggest grosser in India this century so far the main goal of the Roshans has been achieved: Successfully launch the superhero genre in Bollywood and lay the basis for a franchise. 6.5/10 (extra 2 points for the stunts and Hrithik)
Definitely Indian Superhero . hritik worked amazing with special effects . almost touching Hollywood standard . dressing of hritik in rural area is very touching . hritik's face expression is perfect but his body language shows that he is a little bit conscious in front of camera . When he is in mask he did superb . I was excited when he ran behind the villain at the end of movie ,it was amazing sequence . Rakesh roshan really show his work in large scale . this movie will definitely make great records in Indian history . after so many years I went to Cinema hall for Indian movie , and I am satisfied . I am suggestin to all my friends to see this movie .Priyanka 's role was also good .
Enjoyable, daffily improbable escapist romp.

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